How to Pick the Right Pair of Ladies Glasses

No one wants to regret their decisions in life and this is also applicable when buying a pair of ladies glasses.

If your vision has become blurry or you feel like you are already left behind in fashion, it is now time for you to take your specs game to the next level. However, it can be a bit intimidating to weed through all the options out there. 

Read on below to find that best pair of ladies’ eyeglasses for you.

Go for the Best Fit

If the frames are too big for you, it is time for you to downsize. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should be getting those pint-size pieces. While these may look good on Hollywood celebrities, this is only because they wear it as they walk down the red carpet.

Ladies glasses with a rounded frame

The easiest fit formula is to go for ladies glasses with lenses in which your eyes fall at the middle with the frames barely extending beyond your face’s edge.

Decide on the Color Codes

You also need to check color contrasts when shopping for ladies eyewear. If you have been blessed with an alabaster complexion, pairs with bright or dark frames will look great on you. If you are on the darker end of the spectrum, you can try rocking pale neutrals or vivid colors.

You can also try highlighting the colors of your eyes or match it with your favorite lipstick or outfit. Use colors as your cue. If certain shades make you look younger, brighter, or less tired, you can gravitate to these. This is how simple it is to determine if you have a warm or cool skin tone.

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However, if you go gaga over the hottest makeup colors that you often wear a kaleidoscope of colors over your lids, try to avoid rainbow frames.

Also, are your ladies glasses going to be a fashion statement or just a one-time use pair? You might want to be a bit conservative for the latter while the former can let you go wild with some supersized shields or specs like those seen on runways. 

Comfort is Always Key

You should never experience any pain when wearing your chosen pair. Getting a good fit ensures that you won’t suffer from any unwanted strain. Glasses must perch on your nose bridge without sliding down. They also shouldn’t cause any pinching on your ears or nose or make you suffer from headaches.

Frames indenting the sides of the face are too narrow. It can get painful and old if your glasses are sitting right on your skin. 

Your eyewear specialist or optician can loosen or tighten the nose pads or ears. However, at the end of the day, you might still end up ditching them altogether instead of prolonging your suffering. Never fall victim to fashion trends. 

Lenses are a completely different story. Glass lenses are heavier and more difficult to scratch compared to acrylic albeit easier to break. You can lighten the load if you choose high-index lenses for your ladies glasses.

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