Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas Under $5

What are the best times for appreciating your employees’ efforts through gifts? Are there specific times for that? What if someone tells you that it can be anytime? It could be at the beginning of the year, holiday, middle of the year, I mean anytime. As an employer, you may want to gift workers, but your budget isn’t allowing. Well, you don’t need to worry. While your company may be highly reputable or have a more experienced team, everybody appreciates your values. They’ll feel good no matter how small. This article has various gift options under $5 that will help you show gratitude. Keep reading.

Gifts under $5

Soup mug

A soup mug is useful for carrying drinks to keep you warm in the morning during winter seasons. There are different designs with some packed with a spoon and fork. Getting this can be a fantastic way of appreciating your employer, and it’s available in mug stores for less than five dollars.

Tote bag

Tote bags are a great idea to present as a gift to your employees. Getting among the top-quality choices will perfectly fit in terms of trend and fashion. Stylish tote bags can be used for carrying stuff such as groceries, books, and personal items, among others. The good news is that they’re reusable and can serve for longer. An employer may even decide to brand the bags for a better touch to the receivers.

Tote bag
Tote bags are a great idea to present as a gift to your employees.

Warming gloves

The winter season is coming soon, as an employer, why can’t you show that you care for your employees by finding them hand warming gloves? It’d be even better if you got touchscreen glove types for convenience with working on the computer and smartphones. Various stores are providing different gloves sets that can be enough for your staff.

Cellphone wallet

Let’s say you’ve got very many employees and a tighter budget, but want to appreciate their effort. The best advice would be to go for practical items. A good example is the smartphone wallet. A big percentage of employees in the US use smartphones, therefore, getting it may suit their needs for securing business cards and other important cards such as smart cards, and life insurance cards.

Traveling kit

As an employer, you can tell the duties assigned to your employees. Those whose work involves a lot of traveling for duty calls can be appreciated using a traveling kit. Such kits may come with pillow-like design, earplugs for relaxing till the destination, and an eye mask. All the items can be kept in one bag up to whenever they’re needed for use.

Salad cup

Caring for someone’s health is a show of love and goodwill. It can be expressed in several ways, including getting a strategy leading to a healthy lifestyle. A salad cap is mainly meant for retaining the food’s freshness for longer. It’s loaded with a fork and cup for storing one’s dressing. Something good is, it affordable- under $5.


Diaries are another excellent option for individuals. It’ll help note every day’s happenings and those in the future. Employees use them to be orderly in their work, keeping schedules, and doing other fun activities, for example, increasing creativity through drawing. They’re what you can afford.

Diaries are another excellent option for individuals. It’ll help note every day’s happenings and those in the future.

Flashlights or torch

A flashlight is among the items rarely used but very important when needed. Most individuals never think of having it until they’re in need, let’s say in a blackout or may a car emergency. Help the recipients stay away from this mess by buying this practical and affordable gift.

Mason jar

Mason jars are recently taking the lead in acting preserves for some foods and used for home decoration. You’ll mostly find them in the kitchen or living room serving various purposes, depending on location. Its versatility makes it a fit-for-all item, so treat it as an option for gifting your workers. It’s favorable even in situations of money constraints.

Business cards

Have you ever imagined business cards can be a gift from someone? Well, we’ve got two events that seamlessly suit; get it for people who got a promotion recently or just hired to occupy a specific position. They’ll feel how much you believe in them, and don’t be surprised by their input in the coming days. 

Coffee or water tumbler

Tumblers are personalized gifts and will forever be most people’s favorite. Despite being affordable, they are relevant for avoiding reliance on paper and cups. Recipients may choose to use them from home, on picnics, or in the office for keeping their coffee at a suitable temperature.

Tumblers are personalized gifts and will forever be most people’s favorite.

Smartphone grip

It can be challenging to manipulate your phone when using the screen for either watching, reading, or game playing. The magnetic stand grip is useful for easing all that.


A timer is as wonderful and precious gift as time itself. It can be used in the house while cooking, working out, or tracking time for any happening. Display it on your kitchen wall, cooker, table, or desk and keep timing yourself where necessary.


Calendars are a wise thing for gifting your employee, though not imagined by many. Search for calendars with appealing themes, maybe consisting of nature such as rivers, forests, wild animals, a coastal beach, among others. 

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Stress reliever

A lower budget may give many limitations of what to get your employees as a gift. However, it doesn’t mean you stay back and not attempt anything. A stress reliever is affordable, a smart show of your thoughtfulness for your team. Additionally, various work zones have different stress sources putting pressure on employees; getting this is a handy instrument during such occurrences.

Branded pens

Branded pens are a classic gift, especially from your boss. It can be used at home, work, and very cheap, which offers that touch to your employee. Another good idea is combining it with other, more affordable items on our list and gift them as a package.

Bottle opener

You are probably underrating bottle openers as a gift. You may never know until it’s gifted to you and find it useful. Being handed a bottle opener, accompanied by words of appreciation, is very meaningful to a receiver. It’ll serve various functions, including holding keys, opening soda bottles, and others.

The bottom line

Financial constraints may bring a significant hindrance to getting more gift selections for employees. However, there are a vast number of enticing items as gifts for affordable prices. Be sure they’ll welcome whatever you get them. Still, they’ll feel valued for your appreciation and will work harder to impress you as they strive towards increasing production. Use the options from the above article and more others.

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