How are Brittle Nails and Collagen Related?

Brittle nails and collagen are found to have a close relationship to each other. Just so you know, collagen is among the human body’s main structural proteins that form the different tissues called connective tissues including the skin, tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and bones. 

Collagen is strong when pulled that gives strength to the important structural tissues. But, as you age, the production of collagen in your body also slows down by nature. It then leads to signs of aging including wrinkled skin and tissue deterioration like bones, muscles, joints, and fingernails. 

Some other factors can also contribute to collagen losses including lack in nutrients, environmental damage like excessive sun exposure, stress, and unhealthy damage.

Just like other parts of your body, there are also several factors that affect the health of your nails such as the nutrients you get from your diet. Your fingernails need lots of nutrients, minerals, vitamins (liposomal vitamin C), and protein for them to stay healthy and strong. 

This means that a poor diet that lacks in essential nutrients can soon result to splitting and weak nails. Now, this is not only a matter of vanity because the strength and appearance of your nails are a great indicator of your internal health. 

Your nails are usually the first places where you can see signs of mineral deficiencies. White spots, for instance, can indicate zinc deficiency while vertical ridges mean that you can use more iron in your diet. 

Collagen and Brittle Nails 

A study discovered some notable connection between brittle nails and collagen. They found some exceptional benefits of collagen for people who suffer from brittle nail syndrome. This is a common condition, specifically among women, that affects one out of five. 

Brittle nails and collagen
Collagen benefits for people who suffer from brittle nail

In the study, collagen supplements were given to women with brittle nails and the results revealed that they experienced significant increase in the rate of nail growth and decrease in nail breakages. Most of the women agreed that the appearance of their nails improved thanks to collagen and they reported to be very satisfied with the treatment’s results. 

Essential Nutrients for Healthier Nails

A type of protein, keratin, makes up your nails so it is crucial to get enough good quality protein that will provide the building blocks for strong and healthy nails. 

Top sources of protein for nails include eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, and lots of plant proteins like beans, chickpeas, nuts, seeds, tofu, and quinoa. Try to include some protein to your meals but make sure you only go for small quantities of animal protein and pile up instead on plant sources. 

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Video: How To Boost & Increase The Powder of Collagen For Longs Nails & Hair And beautiful skin

You also need zinc fort cell growth and protein synthesis in your body that makes it essential for your nails as it helps boost their growth and encourage repair. The best zinc sources include seafood, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, cocoa, beans, and small amounts of lean meat. Caffeine and alcohol may block absorption so try to cut back on these to increase your zinc levels. 

Now that you know the relationship between brittle nails and collagen, make sure you load up on your vitamins and minerals to enjoy healthier and stronger nails. 

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