The importance of shock asbsorbers

While a shock absorber may not be perceived as an important part of a car, they are among the most important aspects of the safety of a vehicle. Since they are hidden beneath the tires, it is a little bit harder to regularly check them for possible indications of wear or damage. In this article, we will review their significance in details and look at the best option out there. So let us begin./more

The Role of Shock Absorbers

The main importance of shock absorbers is to keep the tires of autos in constant contact with the road surface, offering the optimum grip especially when cornering and braking. They are components of the suspension, and so if they are worn, the auto’s ride, as well as comfort, is compromised.

Tthe most efficient shock absorbers
Car shock absorber

The mechanics of shock absorbers adhere to the very same principle of regulating wheel movement by letting oil through the tiny holes with dimensions of the holes tuned to perfectly fit the chosen features of every vehicle type. Indisputably, most of the car users are ignorant of the possible dangers and implications of worn shock absorbers. In fact, the safety of their autos, its occupants as well as other road users is completely compromised despite the fact that other components could be functioning properly.

Problems Associated with Worn Out Absorbers

Monroe, the world’s best brand of shock absorbers has listed the problems associated with worn shock absorbers:

  • Lessened braking efficiency leading to longer stopping distances
  • Minimized accuracy of Anti-lock Braking System as well as Electronic Stability Control.
  • Reduced control when cornering or in case of an emergency. 
  • High risks of skidding in the wet
  • High chances of passengers discomfort
  • Uneven headlight level, resulting in dazzle to oncoming drivers
  • Increased probability of tires and other suspension components wearing out.

Evidently, there are a lot of risks that come with worn out shock absorbers. It is, therefore, necessary that you constantly check them to avoid damaging your auto and remain safe always while using it. 

Monroe Reflex

So then, where can you turn to for the most efficient shock absorbers? Well, have you heard of Monroe reflex? Give them a try. They are purposely engineered to offer enhanced handling, control, and performance mainly for light trucks. They feature high-pressure gas charge that divides the internal oil and nitrogen to offer an added spring rate, as a result maximizing damping efficiency and control.

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To further facilitate control features, the Monroe Reflex monotube constitutes a lockout to cushion the impact once the auto’s suspension is fully extended. 

The brand features specially tuned valves along with fluon piston. The valve has the potential of sensing acceleration to enhance the handling safety and the entire ride features of sport-utility autos, mini-vans, and light trucks. For instance, the valve will sense a bump on the road surface and automatically alters the shock to absorb the entire impact, leaving it with greater control as soon as needed. With these features, Monroe shocks have become the most demanded brands by automotive professionals across the world. 


Safety travel is constituted by a number of components in cars. Among the most important aspects are the shock absorbers. You need to regularly check them and take note of signs of a tear as this may have devastating impacts. 

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