How to Use Snow Chains for a Safe Drive

You might also want to prepare simple safety kit for winter road trip with waterproof layers, warm gloves, and other stuff to ensure a more comfortable and safe winter driving. During winter months, you should always carry the emergency kit with you in your vehicle together with your tire chains.

How and When to Install Tire Chains 

When you already feel comfortable enough with installing your car tire chains, you are now fully read to hit the snow-covered road. 

Car tire chains

1. Stay safe

Once you get on the road, try pulling off as far as you can on the safe should. Turn the hazard lights on. Wear your waterproof layers, gloves, headlamp, and hat from your kit for your winter road trip.

2. Determine the right tires

The snow chains, that you can buy at online shop Withcar, should go on the front if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle. On the other hand, the chains should go on the back if you have a rear-wheel drive. Meanwhile, your vehicle is an all-wheel drive, it is best to refer to your owner’s manual. In case you are still unsure, don’t hesitate to seek help from the experts.

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Video: How To Install Snow Chains

3. Take out the chains and instructions

After you park your vehicle, open the bag and get your first chain and the instructions. You will find two chains in each bag. Your chains come with a plastic instruction mat that you can use as a barrier between the snow and you for you to stay dry. 

4. Untangle the chains

As you hold them from the cable covered in plastic, be sure that everything is good and straight, with the chains not looping over each other. Hold up the chains with your right hand holding the blue end and your left hand holding the yellow end. The chains must hang loosely with the metal hooks visible along the blue and yellow sections facing away from you to ensure that they don’t damage the tires. 

5. Put the chairs on your tire then connect the cable.

Lay the chains on the ground before pushing them at the back of the tire, with the yellow end of the cable first, starting from the right to the left side. 

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