Enjoy a Successful Hunt with Wild Pig Attractants

Hunting wild pigs is one of the best ways to cut down the growing population of this feral species and harvest meat. Unfortunately, luring these animals to a specific site or area can be quite frustrating and is not as easy as it sounds. The good news is that you can now use wild pig attractants that can lure these animals. They find these attractants hard to resist so you can look forward to a successful hunt. 

Listed below are some of the best attractants that you can use as baits to lure these feral animals:

Engine Oil and Lubricants 

Even though wild pigs don’t necessarily eat these substances, they still find their smell enticing. Some hunters even attest to how effective diesel fuel and old motor oil can be. 

Wild pig attractants - old motor oil
Wild pig attractants is also old motor oil

To start using them, clear away a flat spot near a nesting ground or watering hold. Spread an ample amount of motor oil, WD-40, or diesel in the dirt before you bring out the food.

Wild pigs love to roll around in it and this usually offers a much better distraction compared to food. WD-40 can also be sprayed on your bait food. 

Telegraph Poles 

These wild pig attractants might sound a bit weird but they actually work. Feral pigs love to rub against old telegraph poles. Theoretically speaking, it can be because it controls the bugs and suits their hides. No matter what the reason might be, there no denying that wild pigs love telegraph poles.

You can use your chainsaw to cut some sections of four feet each. Just tie these to a watering hole and before you know it, you will find yourself in wild pig heaven. 


Most wild pig hunters use rotten corn and apples as wild pig attractants but these animals are not really that choosy at all. In fact, old baked goods can be used if you want to attract wild pigs to the bait size with no need to spend a lot. You can ask the local bakery if you can buy their old breads at a cheaper price. Corn tortillas can also used as part of the recipe for hog baits.

YouTube video
Wild Boar eat bread

Peanuts and Lollies 

After you soak the dirt with oil, you can sprinkle the area with a good coat of hard boiled lollies and cheap peanuts. The wild pigs can get easily distracted as they try rooting out these tiny bits that can expose them to a good shot. 


While you might regret wasting good alcohol on wild pigs, this is actually one of the best wild pig attractants that always work. Many people believe that whiskey and cheap beer can be very addicting to these animals and they will try anything just to get their snouts on it. You can pour whiskey or beer on the bread after you buried them at your bait site or even on corn and spoiled apples. 


This list of attractants for wild pigs will never be complete without mentioning jelly. You can sprinkle five up to six jelly crystal packs on the bushes near your bait area. These are irresistible for wild pigs and their tang is just as effective. 

If you are looking for the best and most effective options, Black Fire wild pig attractants are just what you need.

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