Try paragliding in Slovenia

Are you still not sure whether to join any adventure on this experience of a lifetime or not? Check and make sure for yourself that there is a) nothing to be scared about as their guides are professionals and will make sure the whole paragliding in Slovenia adventure runs smoothly and that you are safe, and b) such a breath-taking view from above that you will not want to land.

Come paragliding with Altitude activities
Paragliding Bled (Slovenia)

The beauty of this part of Slovenia really is hard to describe, and seeing lakes, amazing rivers, castles, medieval towns, vast pastures and forests from above, with paragliding in Slovenia, is something out of this world, something worth taking loads of photos, something worth to experience.

It is a whole new world from up there

Even if you tried paragliding before, it is going to be something different when you try paragliding in Slovenia. It is a whole new world that opens from up there, and it is spectacular. While you are up in the air, you will discover some of the most beautiful hidden spots of Slovenia.

Paragliding in Slovenia, is something out of this world
Paragliding Slovenia tours

Paragliding in Slovenia is one of the sports that attracts more and more adventure enthusiasts every year, and once you try it, you will know why. It is an active, adrenaline experience, which, apart from adrenaline, offers something for the soul as well. We like to call it adrenaline-filled meditation. While gliding through the air, a whole new world opens in front of you, you forget all the small worries, and just have fun and enjoy.

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Come paragliding with Altitude activities

Slovenia is known for its pure, primal and untouched nature and paragliding in Slovenia can give you some of the taste of the wild. It is a great opportunity for a touch of thrill while on your holidays. Altitude activities agency offers the most sophisticated equipment, most experienced and friendly guides, and an adventure that will blow you mind. Join us at paragliding in Slovenia and fall in love in our small country.

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